Bowling Ball Loft 2003 Results

The fourth annual AHPRA Bowling Ball Loft was held at LDRS in Argonia, KS on Saturday July 12. This years event was 16 pound balls on any certified K motor.

Winners as follows,

 1st Geoff Elder 6416 feet.

2nd Richard Hagensick 3604 feet.

3rd Scott Danner 3337 feet.

4th Brad “the Rocket Rev” Wilson 2577 feet.

5th Hospital Bill Chester and Jim Hussy 1188 feet.

6th Paul Snow 1181 feet.*

7th Derek Deville. Derek lost his ball at apogee.

8th with a scratched flight Chuck and Will Watts

Paul Snow is the first to use a hybrid motor for the bowling ball loft. RATTworks K240.

Chuck and Will were to use Geoff's tower to launch.  It was damaged and not serviceable and the waiver  ran out before they finished adapting to a different tower

Six out of the seven rockets launch were recovered with no damage.



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