HAWK rocket motor.

  Motor MIM-23 HAWK
Length 108 inches 16 feet 8 inches
Diameter 14 inches 14 inches
Weight 849 lbs. 1288 lbs
Burn Time 4.5 sec, boost

31 sec, sustain

Maximum Thrust 15,000 lbs, boost

1900 lbs sustain


Developed in the mid-1950s for the U.S. Army, HAWK uses a two-level-thrust motor incorporating a dual-chamber design. Gas from the sustain phase burn exhausts out a tube running through the boost-phase chamber.  Both phases exhaust out nozzle extension tubes that bypass the guidance equipment installed at the aft end of the missile. The TX-59, used for early HAWK development flights, is believed to be the first dual-chamber-design motor.

Photo of sign

Close up of HAWK motor.  There is a plywood plug in center, sustainer, nozzle.


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