Photos by Bob Heninger and Debbie Clark


AHPRA V-2 group project. Preping at the AHPRA encampment. We had a great location on the front row near the vendors.

E Mike Meele and Robin Meredith with rocket assembled for display.

F Steve Peterson mugging for the camera.

MPG of V-2 launch. .L



Mark Clark with his entry in the Bowling Ball Lite. Was not launched as he did not want to risk burning in two labor intensive projects in one weekend.


Bruce O'Brian, Ed Wilk, Bob Moreash and Joseph Hill hanging at camp.

Paul Holmes going for his L-3 with Hypertec hybrid. Chute came out early and it went wild. Had little damage.

M1315 land-shark. Motor came out of airframe, not by an AHPRA member.


Gates Brothers "Full Scale" Jayhawk. A Estes Jayhawk upscaled to the size of a real one. Rocket had a perfect flight on two AeroTech M motors.

Las Vegas Tripoli/ NASSA Q motor project on display. Is to be launched at BALLS.

Wedge Oldham's Nike Hercules. 4K's in booster to an M in the upper.

MPG to be added soon


More photos to be added



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