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BALLS 2000

Ky Michaelson' BALLS 2000 Space Shot   Long Burn N
5.8 meg

Ky's 15 second burn R motor. Rocket was to go 50+ miles high but went unstable and broke up at motor burn out.

  4.4 meg

Brandy Bruce-Sharp's rocket with a 20 second burn Kosdon N800. BALLS 2000


Max Q


Tripoli Las Vegas P

3.6 meg 3 meg

Mike Hobbs' Max Q. A huge rocket with performance to match

First MPG is liftoff to burnout. Second is impact with a tangled parachute.


A team effort of Tripoli Las Vegas and NASSA. A beautiful rocket. Flight appeared perfect but it was never found.

MARS Boosted Dart  

NFPA/TRA Sparky Motor Testing

O10,000 powered boosted dart from the British MARS team. Rocket had problems with the dart not separating from the booster and the max altitude was in the 30,000' range. All parts were recovered undamaged!


At BALLS 2000 there were tests done to establish guidelines for spark producing motors. Long sheets of paper were put out and the locations of burn marks were noted.




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