November 2002 AHPRA Monthly Launch

Photos by Dan Hawrylkiw except where noted.

Before and After

Mike Meele's Rocket at launch and impact.  Dust cloud can be seen in second shot.

This rocket had a long life with many great flights, it will be missed.

Brand RZ Sparky Motor

Ron Zeppin's sparky K motor

He calls this propellant "Chuffy, the Campfire Slayer".

To see a MPG of  Ron's J429 Sparky on the test stand

Click here.1.65meg

Tetrahedron of Death

By Cory  McCormick on some 38mm AeroTech Motor.


An L5300 made by Mark Clark in a Bruce Georgeson rocket.

Estimated 2900Nsec, 0.54 second burn.  Recovery was by a Black Sky Timer2, altitude 8000'.

Was found 1 1/2 miles away in the brush.  Carbon Kevlar is perfect camouflage.

Photo on right taken by Tim Friesen.

Click here for a short version of the MPG, 750K


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