Solid Motor Projects

Six inch Diameter N2444

Fired June 28, 2003.  First 6" diameter motor made by XRAA.  Motor tube made by Ron Zeppin. Propellant and closures by Mark Clark. Igniter is a 0.75" 38mm grain in the head end.

4.5 second burn, 11,000Nsec. Single grain.

Click on image for 2.4meg MPG video.  Note the fast ignition.



Ron Zeppin's Sparky motors.


An L5300 made by Mark Clark in Bruce Georgeson's rocket.

Estimated 2900Nsec, 0.54 second burn.  Recovery was by a Black Sky Timer2, altitude 8000'.

Was found 1 1/2 miles away in the brush.  Carbon Kevlar is perfect camouflage.


High Magnesium Motors

These motors were made by Mark Clark and Jim Cornwell using a formulation with very high Magnesium to produce a very large flame and much smoke.

Experimental "J" motor  at the Flagstaff site, 2000.

Three inch motor cast using a 10 pointed star mandrill.

Fired in a Kosdon East K motor casing. Low impulse due to large core.

Static firing of an experimental 3 inch diameter "M" motor at the Rainbow Valley site, 2000.

Motor was 35% Magnesium. Subscale test for motor below.

1.48 meg

Static Firing of a 98mm "M" motor at Rainbow Valley.

Motor was reloaded and flown 1 hour later.

Kosdon 98 mm fiberglass reloadable casing was used.

Click on image to see a MPG video of the firing.



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