AHPRA at Turkey Shoot 2002

All photos by Dan Hawrylkiw

Wild Bill Freer with an overpowered (Is that possible?) Mosquito.


Norm and Ron heading to the pad.


Above rocket on Ron's green propellant


Waysie Atkins' V-2 on Frank's special green M motor.

Demonstrated scale recovery.


Green Propellant scrap

The Moon Raper by Gordon McDaniels, Tripoli Vegas's Prefect, headed for bucket recovery

N-1 by Andy Warner

Only one of 3 "rings" of motors lit and the harness held the rest of the
motors down...Same flight profile of N1-"C" (I think) where all 30 chambers failed and
it fell back to the pad (taking out N1-"D" also).



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