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Bruce O'Brien's J1500 launched from a tube.  Piston is loose fitting and has blow by to reduce pressure in the tube. Very Fast Launch! 1.6 meg


6" rocket, built by the Aerospace students at ASU, led by Justin Pucci. The motor is a 3", 6000Ns casing from Animal Motor Works with a Pink Flame Propellant made by Ron Zeppin. Burn time was about 5 seconds, motor designation was an 'M-1200'.  1.3 meg

Mike Meehl's 9.25" rocket. Weight is 50lbs. Hardware used is the 98mm AeroTech Full 'M' casing. Propellant is a Slow White Lightning clone... Motor burned for 12 seconds. Nozzle is an AeroTech clone, made by Ron Zeppin out of graphite. Propellant made by Ron Zeppin and Bruce Georgeson. Motor designation is an M800, 10,000Ns total Impulse. 1.3 meg

Rich Shepard's 9.25" Hott Rockets Phoenix Rocket , 10 feet tall, and weighs 63lbs without the motor, this is due to a LOT of nose weight. Fins are ply that were fiber glassed and sandwiched between two sheets of windows glass coated with Rain-X.

The motor is a Bluetail N-2000 made by Ron Zeppin and Bruce Georgeson. The casing is a 98mm Fiberglass case from Frank Kosdon, Kosdon Reloadables. The forward bulkhead and nozzle were custom machined by Joseph Hill.

Hardware weight - 10lbs

Propellant Weight- 13lbs

Total liftoff weight - 86lbs.

Total impulse- 13,000Ns

Burn time- 6 seconds.

BSR Altacc gave an altitude of 5,413 feet.

3.5 meg