April Monthly Launch

Photographs by Charlie Roth and Mark Clark


Brad Vatsaas  http://www.vatsaas.org/rtv/ , rocket to be launched at the SSS launch on May 10.



Mandy Kersteter with "Mandy's Magic Motion Machine" launched on 3 Pro38 I motors

Center-Mandy is getting way too much input from Mark Clark and Bob Heninger

Right- Lift off with her father Mike at her side.

Bob Moreash is back for more. He must have missed all the comradery.

Ron Zeppin's Rapier on Mark Clark's K521 three inch motor.

This motor is a 1/2 scale test of a 6" single grain N motor in the works.


Eric Williams Rocket on a motor of his own creation.

Good flight on what is possibly the ugliest rocket ever made.


Click for big pic of burned area

Don Alexander's Level 3 flight.

Left- Visible, Don, Jim Cornwell, Kyle Goodwin

Right- AMW Green Gorilla

Good launch and recovery but started a grass fire. Was put out by stomping and an extinguisher. Area had been cleared but apparently not far enough.

Field is very dry, compare with pictures from February



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