2001 Bowling Ball Loft

I lost a lot of the information on these rockets. If you have anything to add, pictures, details - e-mail me.


Geoff Elder, Jawbreaker

AeroTech K250. Mpg


Left- Jim Correll.

Right- Chad Drago AT K560. Mpg 4.3 meg


Left- Syl Arena

Right. ? AeroTech K700. Mpg 4.3 meg

Tony and AJ Alcocer with Junkyard Dog. Mpg 1.6 meg


Left- Chris Turnage. Mpg 5.6 meg

Right Ron Olmstead, K1050. Mpg 4.7 meg

Paul Snow. Mpg 4 meg


Left- Gates Brothers, Launched on Sunday after prizes were awarded. Mpg 15meg , Mpg 6.4 meg

Center- Andy Woerner, Did not go due to altimeter battery concerns.

Right- Mark Clark, Did not go due to motor not showing up.



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