December 2002 Monthly Launch

Photos by Dan Hawrylkiw, Kevin Patterson and Bob Heninger


"Wild Bill"

Wild Bill's Mosquito on a Pro38 I motor.  Was launched earlier in the day on a AT I 435.

Rocket is 2.56 diameter and has MANY flights on H-J motors.

Norm Egolf's "Big Gumby"


Mike Meele holding the Ron Zeppin N2000 Red motor. 98mm (not 4") Kosdon fiberglass reloadable casing, 12000Nsec, 6 second burn.




Mark Clark packing one of the two Rocketman parachutes.




Mark and Norm checking the nose cone fit.


Robin Meredith, Mark and Paul Holmes setting up the rail launcher.

This is the AHPRA club unistrut rail.




Norm with "Big Gumby" ready to go.




Headed for the pad.





Ron inserting the igniter.




Time to run off all the lookers





Norm hooking up the igniter wires with Mike Meele overseeing.





 Flight pictures

Left and right by Dan Hawrylkiw, center Bob Heninger.

Don Alexander's Honest John


 Don used 7.5" tubing from PML to make the airframe, the nose cone came from Smokin' Rockets. The motor is a 6000 Nsec Kosdon case with a red tail load Don made with Ron Zeppin's help with formulation. Mike Meele is helping with the set up.  Great flight with good recovery.

Photos, Heninger, Patterson


Will load other pictures when I get them.



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