Liquid Fuel

Group Prefect Mark Clark is working on a bi-propellant liquid motor. The hardware shown here is a static test unit to check out the design before making flight weight hardware.

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Close up of combustion chamber.

Larger tank is nitrous oxide, smaller is fuel. It is of a tie-rod design so changes can be made with out major machining. All the valves and fittings are SwageLok. Components are mounted to a12" X 28" Al plate. Valves are opened by a spring pulling on the half round plate attached to where the handles were removed.

Over all view.

Fuel is pressurized by the N2O using a piston. The motor will be fired upright with the nozzle down.

The flight weight motor is 3" dia with 5 lbs of fuel/oxidizer. Burn time to be 5 seconds.

Photos were taken in Dec'01