AHPRA local launches are held on the fourth Saturday of each month. Check with AHPRA members for confirmation. We do launch every month, even in the summer

We are now recommending a different route to the launch site due to the construction on Estrella Parkway for the 303 Loop.

Interstate 10 to exit 121, Jackrabbit Trail.

South on Jackrabbit Trail  past the river to Elliot, turn Left.

East  on Elliot to Rainbow Valley Road, There is a dairy on the north side there, turn right.

South on Rainbow Valley Road to Chandler Heights, farm buildings on two south corners, turn left.

East on Chandler Heights about 2 1/2 miles. There is a chain link gate on the north (left) side, turn left through the gate.


This is what the gate looks like


If you are on a dirt road (other than the 20' to the gate) before going through the gate you are lost.

Close the gate using the chain. If the cattle get out we will lose the site.


map2.jpg (136420 bytes)



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