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Absolutely positively prefect weather! Temps in the low 80's. Giant Saturn 5 three stage burns in. Gila Monster on 7 green motors. You should have been there! We are doing it again in '07



Balls 14, 2005 was a big rocket fest! A bit dusty of Friday but perfect on Saturday and Sunday.  I saw a rack at the away cell of an O4, P's, and a Q- All at the same time!



BALLS 03 a Success

Lots of launches, No wind, Big motors.

Lots of big ones launched. Jeff Jacobs full Q Hybrid was launched and recovered. Jim Rosson 6" O Skid mark Sparky motor. Mark Clark P motor worked great but the airframe used had stability problems. Paul Holmes Beta test flew a RATT Tribrid liquid motor. Weather could not have been better. Crowd was nearly twice the size of last year. First rocket launch on the Friday commercial day was an M, on landing the parachute draped across the pad it was launched from!



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Robin Meredith and Ron Zeppin set Altitude Record

With an altitude of 24621 feet a new TRA EX team record was set at BALLS 03 using a Zeppin 3" M motor  and Robin's minimum diameter airframe of Dynacom parts.  This is the same rocket and setup that were lost at BALLS 02 and recovered months later.


Bowling Ball Loft Approved for LDRS 23

Event to be I motor Lite for altitude. Not every I motor may be used. New safety rules on launch equipment. I-Lite was pick to meet the site size and waiver. More


Six Inch Diameter motor Fired at Rainbow Valley! Motor was static fired with fantastic results. Statistics, Picture and Video at XRAA Solids



Bowling Balls over Wisconsin

First launch of a blowing ball in Wisconsin. Rocket was launched by the first all female Bowling Ball Loft team. More





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