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The O 10,000 rocket motor was developed by Frank Kosdon of Kosdon Reloadables. It was first flown in 1993 at LDRS 12 in Kansas. The motor is 4" in diameter and about 6' long. There is some variation in the overall lengths due to several styles of closures. Burn time is 2.3 seconds with a thrust of 2200 pounds average putting it in the lower end of the O range.


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First O10,000 rocket being prepped at LDRS.

Tom Binford is getting all the details from Frank

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Ready to go!

The "airframe" was the rocket motor tube with an extension to hold the parachute. Fins were a welded fin can held in place by set screws. The design was not optimized for maximum altitude, it was a flight just to test the motor. The short nosecone and square fins cost about 30% in altitude.

Lift Off!

The spectators were moved back several hundred yards from the regular safety line before launch. Peak altitude was estimated in the low 30,000 foot range. There was a failure in the recovery system and the rocket impacted to the south about a mile way. It has never been found.


Off to Black Rock


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