Why a 16 pound Ball?

1. The altitudes we have been getting are higher than we would like for recovery.

2. You all have proven yourselves up to the 8 pound task and it is time go run with the big dogs.

3. 16 pound balls are cheaper, $2 at the Goodwill store.

A "K" motor with a 16 pound load is the same as a "C" motor with ONE OUNCE payload.

0.1 ounce per Newton second

2560Ns X 0.1 = 256 oz ...... 16 lbs.

NAR B egg lofters are launched with an egg that weighs over 2 ounces ,"no less than 57 grams". Half the motor, twice the weight.

Would you like to try a 64 pound payload with a K??