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The Ultimate Online Reference for Engineers, eFunda:


ThrustCurve: Motor Data On-Line



----Lock Rings

Springmasters Ltd

Rotor Clip


----Fiber Glass Tubes and Plastics

Laird Plastics, Your Plastics Distributor for Sheets, Rods, Tubes, Films & Related Plastic Products

Welcome to Amalga Composities, Inc.! Fiber glass tube for SU motors, insulators, and casting.

National Vulcanized Fibre, NVF -Phenolic insulator tubing


----Paper Tubes

Euclid(R) Spiral Paper Tube Corp.

Alamo Paper Tube Co, Inc.

Yazoo Mills Inc., Paper Tubes and Cores


Paper Tubes Manufacturers  Big  list of paper tube manufactures, worth a look for motors or body tubes.



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Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company


The Amateur Rocketry Society of America


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